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Hair Care Tips

Cheveux Vierges hair extensions should last for quite some time with proper care. 

Hair should be shampooed or co-washed and conditioned at least once a week to remove build up and to condition the hair.  Once a month use a deep conditioner to restore moisture and mend any splitting ends.  Always shampoo as soon as possible after swimming in chlorine, or salt water. 

Try to use a shampoo infused with some kind of natural oil (Argon, Alma, coconut etc)  (this will possibly keep you from having to add any to your hair when it is dry. You may want to add a light oil to the shampoo or your conditioner, it will be washed out and not leave your hair greasy. 

Allow the hair to air dry.  If time does not permit or you prefer to blow dry, then use a heat protectant on the hair (cream, serum or spray).  Reapply the heat protecting spray or serum prior to flat ironing or curling.  If you do not like to put any product in their hair, just please be mindful of potential heat damage to the hair.

The hair is being harvested in a ponytail with the cuticles in the same direction like your own hair grows, no real human hair is completely free of light shedding, or light tangles but we try to carry only the best donor maintained hair.  Before bed, be sure to brush or finger detangle your hair and secure the hair in a loose braid or flexirods, or pin curl, and wrap in a bonnet to protect the hair from breakage while you sleep.  If you have curly hair, be sure to refresh the curls in the morning with some curling crème or leave in conditioner and water.

Make sure to take care of your own hair while wearing your weave, by keeping your scalp and hair moisturized.  After removing your extensions, shampoo and use a deep conditioning treatment before reinstalling your hair.

Enjoy your luxurious new hair!